How much does it cost?

Every room in The Bunkier Escape Rooms costs from 100 to 170 zł per group.

How many people can play?

Our rooms are created for groups of 2-5 people. But if you contact us beforehand, we may make an exception. Be prepared for some minor inconveniences though.

How much time does it take to escape?

Depending on your cooperation and skills - from 40 to 90 minutes. After 90 minutes the Game Master will let you out.

What to do if one of the players wants to leave earlier?

There will be a safety button near the entrance. You may also contact the Game Master, and he will let you out. The game will be continued.

What to do if we are stuck?

We have a hint system in every room. If you need a hint, you may contact your Game Master. Remember that you are being watched during the game and the Game Master may contact you to make escaping easier.

Is the knowledge of polish language necessary to escape?

To fully understand the story and puzzles in our rooms knowledge of english or polish is mandatory. Please inform us beforehand, if you want us to prepare the room in english.

Are your escape rooms scary?

It depends on the room. The "Lost Officer" and "Call of ancients" are a bit scary. Our other rooms are not.

What to do if the combination does not fit the lock?

Try a different lock or redo the puzzle. Our rooms have been tested, so it is possible to escape.

What to do, if we damage a part of the room?

If it is done by accident - we will try to fix that after you leave. If damage is done on purpose - you will have to pay for it.

What more should we know?

There are some objects in both rooms marked with a striped tape. Black and yellow in the "Lost Officer" room, and red and white in the other rooms. You may not touch those objects.